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April 4
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The last boss of the late Mega Man F. As he was programmed before the crash.

This was an old boss theme for him made in 2011. It was admittingly inspired by a mod file I had been listening to, much like Wily 1's original theme was. Nowadays I could easily pump out a better theme for him at any time. However this song was a major stepping stone in ascending from purely famitracker music, to full on music like I do now. It's technically a remix of the the mod file, but extended to 7 minutes. Since there were three parts to this boss. All of them brutal, pretty much making any boss like MM7's boss or even Wily Machine Eternal look like child's play.

I will perhaps if I ever have spare time, finish him and release him alongside the zero battle or something. But don't get too hopeful on that. F is truly dead. and it's time for me to move on.

This will be my truly final F submission, and last Megaman Submission.

UPDATE: I fixed the flash file so the full song doesn't cut off
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AaronSano144 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
I soooooo love it dude!!! =D
MrX15 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Is there a way i can get the full song MP3?
UltimateShadicSSJ3 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Student Artist
So,it was him who killed Megaman? 
Neo-Shinryu Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
I'll be honest: I made a new Deviantart account primarily just to comment on this (my old one was terrible anyways).

To start off, I can share some sentiments on the loathing of certain aspects of a fan-base. It's a given that any fan-base is bound to have its sour points, with some being obviously worse than others. I know from a bit of experience that it's not easy to put your work out there for all to see, only to have it looked down upon for questionable reasons. Still, I think it's important to look beyond that and focus on actual constructive criticism, as rare as it might be in this day and age. Admittedly, I'm guilty of perhaps taking things a bit overboard when I judge certain fan-games during my own playthrough series, though it's usually all just in good fun and/or occasionally snarky quips. This was no more prevalent than when I bashed Unlimited's "final boss" - not necessarily because the final boss was Zero, but because it was essentially the equivalent to a cop-out end boss; a final boss that isn't a boss at all, but instead being a scripted event that robs any sort of tension.

It's my firm belief that when you reach a game's end, you've earned the right to take on the toughest thing the game can throw at you. You DESERVE the right to do battle with something that tests all of the skills you've learned up to that point. Regardless of what most fans might say in regards to the canon in Mega Man's story line, I would have loved to fight this final boss you have here. The way you described it seems to accurately mirror my thoughts on what Unlimited's final boss should have been like. And you know what? Even though the rest of the game itself would highly deviate from what the creators of the official series have established, I probably would have enjoyed playing through it all as well. It would be a way more fulfilling experience when compared to some of the other fan-games out there (the sheer fact that games like Mega Man 42 even exist still enrages me). If I had more coding experience/the ability to build an engine from the ground up, I would offer to take the reigns on this game in a heartbeat. Sadly, my experience is pretty lack-luster when it comes to this sort of thing. For what it's worth however, I'm glad you shared your work with us over these years, and I wish the best for you and whatever plans you might have in the future.
x-AbsoluteGambit-x Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Well I appreciate your kind words. This is a comment which is worthy of my respect, and I appreciate that. Maybe I can make some lea-way for you folks some how.

The true fate of this game is very complicated. I may release parts of it eventually so you folks can play it. or I may revive it somehow. But the thing is, I'm very busy with my current projects.

And yes, I felt the same about Unlimited, which was in some sense what F was trying not to be. It was in my thoughts, a Hypothetical end game situation done "right".
Thanatos-Zero Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

It is all my fault...

I should have advertised your work on Sprite.INC and Rockman PM (when I still had the chance). :(
Perhaps then more people would have appreciated your work like I do...

To see all this work never going to be realised into one great game, breaks my heart...
x-AbsoluteGambit-x Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
It's not your fault.

In fact most of it the greed of the fanbase on DA. not you specifically.

Right Now it's a matter of time I need. you know.
alex2013xd Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
but one question
megaman f will return someday?
this song is epic and the final boss: O: O, everyone wanted to get to the last level.
to see the end of the classic series and from there into the series x.
your game is magnificent, the best game of all: O: (: (
 we want Megaman F  to fight the final boss  :O :(
x-AbsoluteGambit-x Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Everyone? Pah, get serious... did you not even read the description?

I'm about to be brutally honest here, and this is not only a message to you, but to the entire Classic Megaman fanbase on deviantart.

No, Megaman F is not coming back. It's not coming back next week, next month, next year. For the simple fact is I refuse to spend another few years with a self-entitled fanbase. working on a project that only a miniscule few will support, all while shittier fangames get showered with support. This is EXACTLY what happened with Megaman F. You had people that fucking ignored my hard work while other games were getting showered with support, even fanart and in some rare cases, boxart. I had to do all that shit myself, and for what? a meager few people and faves who didn't really even "care" until Megaman F died?

I mean look at this deviation. The final boss and the final music, and a pathetic five faves. All inflation art, and stupid sonic recolors get more faves than this tripe. It proves exactly that all I would recieve working on this game is ABUSE.

Well wake up! You guys had your chance, and you guys blew it .it's clear to me that the Megaman fanbase does NOT deserve Mega Man F.  Because all that will happen is some idiot will plagiarize the fangame or steal shit from it. (like chengkitsun5/chengkitsun5555).

And on top of that there's chapters of my life I had on here I want to leave behind.

I'm retired from the Megaman fanbase.  at least the friends I did make from this fanbase understand, I'm burnt out, and I can't deal with this project and the abuse coming from it.

So I'm done.
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