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January 18, 2011
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And now, another song for :iconhfbn2:'s fangame, This time belonging to Pearl Woman.

I tried my best to make a calm, peaceful sounding song, since usually all my songs are dark, or powerful. going into this territory was difficult. let alone doing music that isn't dark. I do think this suits her, and gave her song a little atmosphere by giving her song the sound of waves on the beach.

Overall, one of my more trickier songs that I had done, but it should suit her.

The song's pitch was changed though because the original pitch I had sounded sad. this pitch makes it seems more peaceful.
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ude i sent the updated version of the song to :icon hfbn2: by mistake, ask him for it.
Mariolord07 Jan 21, 2011  Student General Artist
excellent! sounds just like megaman to me. It's calm but not too calm, it has that right amount of tempo to keep the pace interesting. my favorite part is the small bit right before the sound of the waves. :thumbsup:
QuadeZaban Jan 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds pretty good, I like the melody. Why the use of MMC5 (I assume)? Every NES Rockman game uses default 2A03.

Not bad at all though!
It's a force of habit. Because I usually use MMC5 for my own fangame. So I'm pretty much used to using that. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to try just using the normal 5 channels.

I'm gonna experiment with that.
to tell you the truth needs some changes in the instrumentation on the square channels to make it more megamanish, as well of the use of toms, and snares and noises

Do you composed this on Famitracker?
Yes, I did.

I'll tweak the square channels. but specifically, what should be done about the drums? what specifically would need to be changed there?
well, the triangle needs a bit more of variaty, i mena, not just the same note going for the whole section of the song, puts some stops on the traingle channel, and add the toms on the traingle channel.

you know mano, if you use famitracker and have the original ftt, maybe i could help you to improve the song.
That would be awesome. Admittingly that seems to be my weak spot in music (triangle/drums).

Yes, I do use famitracker. (and I do have the original ftm) I'll send you the 2A03 version of the song in a note, and from there I can understand in the triangle part on what I need to improve on. This one is newer and uses the proper amount of channels. (5, instead of the flash recording which uses 7)

This one i'll send you is a bit newer than the flash as well.

I will try to improve on the triangle/drums part in the future.
Sorry to interuot, but in my opinion I think this is about perfect already :D
Zero-Janitor Jan 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ever since hearing Aqua Man's theme in MM8, I've been addicted to these kinds of songs.

I thank you for making this.
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